Spire’s individualized model enables core academics to be enriched by a variety of interdisciplinary and elective courses, depending on a student’s interest. Such electives have included computer science, environmental studies, economics, philosophy, abnormal psychology, zoology, fashion design, and music theory. Across the curriculum, Spire’s goal is to create a supportive and collaborative community where every student can be a successful learner.

At a glance, the Spire School offers:

  • Challenging college preparatory high school curriculum
  • Basic, Standard, Honors & AP level courses for core subjects
  • College credit option through the Early College Experience (ECE) of UCONN
  • Wide range of foreign language courses
  • Diverse independent studies
  • Individualized electives
  • Advanced art & music instruction
  • Group SAT/ACT prep*

*The Spire School has the experience and in-house resources to support our students throughout the college process. SAT and ACT group instruction can be built into students’ schedules. Experienced tutors from Greenwich Education Group offer a review of SAT and ACT basics, format, and strategies. Test prep instructors also become familiar with students’ strengths and challenges and can develop an individualized test prep program. Our goal is to ensure that on test day, students feel relaxed, confident, and prepared to perform at their best.