The Spire School believes in educating the whole student: mentally, physically, and emotionally. Therefore, special care is taken to ensure that each student develops an individualized health and wellness plan that maximizes his or her physical, intellectual, and emotional growth. Exercise, nutrition, and sleep are emphasized in connection with current research that demonstrates a strong relationship between physical health and optimal cognitive and emotional function. Students participate in regular exercise and learn about proper self-care in their life coach sessions, groups, and physical education/health classes.

In order to help students come to know themselves as learners, Spire uses an educational therapy model coupled with metacognitive instruction. Students can then apply these strategies to become more self-aware and recognize the various factors that impact learning. Spire students are taught to exert control over how they think and feel. In order to teach students to be cognizant of and regulate emotions, Spire uses positive psychology and a strengths-based approach. We recognize that all students have strengths and that when taught the appropriate skills, adolescents can leverage these strengths to increase self-efficacy and enhance their own experiences and quality of life.