Transition is often a difficult time for adolescents because of the uncertainty of change. At The Spire School, we understand this and welcome the opportunity to embark upon a positive and constructive journey with our students. When a student is joining our community, our welcoming faculty and staff are committed to helping him/her settle in and begin to develop the confidence and competency needed to cope with life’s challenges.

Unique Intervention/Prevention/Intensive Transitional Services
Students come to Spire from different places, programs and situations, as well as for a variety of reasons. For example, they may be withdrawing at home, underachieving at school, or having difficulty regulating their emotions or coping with day-to-day situations. Alternatively, a stressful life event or previously unidentified diagnosis may also be contributing to feelings of low self-esteem and lack of motivation.

For students facing these challenges, the Spire School provides a constructive approach to getting a side tracked individual back onto a positive path as both a student and contributing member of his or her community.

For students who have successfully completed an intensive intervention at a therapeutic wilderness program or short term hospitalization, Spire can help facilitate reintegration to life at home by providing a local school option. Under these circumstances, Spire offers ongoing life coaching and coordinates with parents, outside therapists, and others to ensure that the student is well supported and primed for academic success.

The Spire School is also an ideal placement for those individuals who have completed placements at a therapeutic boarding school (TBS) or a residential treatment center (RTC). By providing supportive and academically challenging programs, Spire students continue to utilize the skills they learned while away from home in a more local and comfortable environment.

At The Spire School, students are taught self-awareness, interpersonal communication, and self-advocacy. Ongoing opportunities are available for students to practice and apply these strategies with the goal being to enhance overall health and wellness.