Current research has demonstrated that those who exercise show significant improvements in the higher mental processes of memory and in “executive functions” that involve planning, organization, and the ability to mentally juggle different intellectual tasks at the same time. Exercise can improve energy levels, relieve depression, and promote improved sleep and appetite.  Therefore, The Spire School encourages regular physical exercise and incorporates physical education classes into its school day. Students work with our PE/Health teacher and Yoga instructor to develop personalized fitness routines while taking advantage of the well-equipped athletic facilities at our neighboring New York Sports Club.

Given Spire’s emphasis on wellness of mind and body, students engage in nutrition-based group discussions and activities in an interdisciplinary fashion.  Life coaching sessions, group work, PE/Health classes and Culinary Arts classes provide a collaborative approach to healthy eating.  Students have opportunities to learn about the physiological and psychological impacts of food, discuss holistic approaches to eating, plan healthy menus, and prepare recipes in their culinary classes. Students come to understand how a proper diet positively impacts mood, energy, concentration, and overall health and are encouraged to take ownership of their eating habits, while being provided with the tools and support to do so.