The Team at Spire strives to create and maintain an active partnership with our current families through S.P.A., the Spire Parent Association.  

Regular S.P.A. meetings take place at The Spire School so that parents have the opportunity to hear from us and one another about Spire goings-on.  Together, parents and members of our faculty, clinicians and administration discuss upcoming initiatives, and brainstorm ideas for student social outings, community service, extracurricular activities, as well as programs for parent support, speaker options and seminar topics. 

Parents are welcome to join our S.P.A. at any time during the school year, and we welcome any and all participation! Members of S.P.A. inspire other families to get involved, host parent gatherings, graciously volunteer their time and resources to support Teacher Appreciation Week, and help plan new and exciting Spire ventures to enrich our student community.

We appreciate your participation and support! 

For questions about S.P.A., please contact Dede LeComte (