From the Director of Admissions

Welcome! And thank you for taking the time to visit The Spire School’s website. We are here to answer your questions and help determine if Spire could be a good fit and offer the appropriate support for you (if you are a student looking at schools), or your child (if you are a parent researching options for your son or daughter). As a parent who has traveled down an unexpected path with my own child, I have great empathy for you and all of your family. It is a journey and not a race, and we hope that perhaps Spire could be a positive and constructive part.


The admissions process for Spire affords us the opportunity to learn about prospective students from several perspectives. It also allows time for families to tour, ask questions, speak to current parents if they so desire, and for students to spend some time in the classroom so that everyone in the family is able to learn as much about Spire as possible.


For Spire as well as for our applicants, whether you are coming via a public school district, or you’ve found us on your own, it’s all about the fit and setting each student up for success.


We look forward to meeting you!




Dede LeComte

Director of Admissions


Admissions Process


Students and parents take a tour (together or separately as preferred by the family) and meet with the Director of Admissions and the Head of School. It is at this time the student will have his/her informal interview.


The following items should be submitted as part of this process:

· Application, a Parent Statement, a Student Statement, and a completed Release of Information form

· Three years of academic records, including an official transcript (grades 9 and up)

· Current IEP or 504 plan

· Letter from The College Board regarding accommodations (if applicable)

· Standardized test scores

· Psychological and/or Educational Evaluations

· Writing samples

· Recent photograph


Students attend classes so that they have the opportunity to meet current students and faculty and get a better sense of our community and our classes. If parents would like to speak with a current parent, this can also be arranged.


Get in touch with us to begin the process. Please complete the form at the bottom of this page. Thank you.


Once the application process has been completed, the Admissions Committee, which meets weekly, will review the application and make a decision. If the student has been referred by their public school district, the Director of Admissions will communicate the decision with the district and they in turn will notify the family. If the family is seeking a private or unilateral placement, the Director of Admissions will notify the parents directly. Every effort is made to keep the process moving forward, as we recognize that anxiety levels oftentimes rise in times of uncertainty. Spire is committed to completing our due diligence to the best of our ability to ascertain if we believe that we can support the candidate appropriately in our environment.

Spire enrolls students on a rolling admissions basis. Students are welcome to apply to Spire anytime during the school year, be it for enrollment during the academic school year (September -June) or for our InSPIREd Summer Program (July).

If you have questions about the process, or would like to learn more, please complete the "Get In Touch" form below or contact our Director of Admissions Dede LeComte.

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The Spire Journey

Transition is often a difficult time for adolescents because of the uncertainty of change. At The Spire School, we understand this and welcome the opportunity to embark upon a positive and constructive journey with our students. When a student is joining our community, our welcoming faculty and staff are committed to helping him/her settle in and begin to develop the confidence and competency needed to cope with life’s challenges. 

Spire is committed to supporting students throughout the duration of their time with us. As students near the successful conclusion of their program, the student’s team works to facilitate a smooth transition from Spire. 



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