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Our Approach

Prospective Spire students, for various reasons, are not realizing their academic and social-emotional potential. Oftentimes, this is due to ineffective coping skills or difficulty regulating emotions as a result of anxiety and/or depression. These students may also be experiencing low self-confidence, self-competency, and self-worth that may be resulting in school avoidance or refusal. To promote a healthy and secure sense of self, The Spire School supports these students through an emphasis on self-care: effective coping skills, exercise, nutrition, and academic empowerment

Spire Life Coaching

The Life Coach is a unique aspect of The Spire School. Life Coaches are clinical professionals who hold at least a master’s degree in fields related to school counseling and social work. Life Coaches each manage a small caseload of students and meet individually with their students weekly.  Throughout the school day, Life Coaches are also available to help reinforce skills through executive function support, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). In addition to leading groups, Spire’s Life Coaches actively collaborate with each student’s Community of Allies: parents, teachers, therapists, psychiatrists, tutors, or other professionals.

Spire Life Coaching
PE Teacher with football

Health & Wellness


The Spire School reinforces the cognitive, emotional, and physical benefits of exercise through instruction in personal fitness. Each student works with Spire’s Physical Education teacher to develop an individualized plan and goals.  PE classes are small, allowing students to maximize their time with their instructor and to help motivate life-long habits for active, healthy lifestyles.



Nutrition education is approached collaboratively by Spire’s Life Coaches, PE/Health Instructor, and Culinary Arts Instructors. Students learn about the physiological and psychological impacts of food and discuss holistic approaches to eating. From learning to read labels, to planning healthy menus, to preparing specific recipes in a Culinary Arts class, students are encouraged to take ownership of their eating habits and to make positive choices for a healthy body and mind.

Health & Wellness

College Counseling & Admissions

In accordance with The Spire School's mission, our College Counseling program aims to empower students to achieve their academic potential, while navigating the multitude of post-secondary opportunities at their fingertips.

College Admissons
Student and career coach

Career Counseling

While most Spire students go on to college following their time with us, college matriculation is not the ideal path for every student, and our College & Career Counselors work with students to help identify the best next step for each of our students based on their talent, passion, and vision.

Career Counseling
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