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Transition Program

The Spire School provides an individualized transition program for students who would benefit from continued skill development in preparation for life after high school.

Program Focus

Academic for students who require an extra semester or year to complete high school, Spire provides academic enrichment to help students master essential skills and content at the high school level, and offers college-level academics through our University of CT ECE classes and our Norwalk Community College High School Collaborative.

Post graduates and students seeking a gap year will benefit from Spire's 1:1 life coaching and group counseling to enhance emotional regulation and interpersonal skills, as well as executive function and life skills support focusing on:

• critical thinking and self-advocacy
• planning and prioritization
• resume-writing and interviewing
• managing part-time work, community service, and/or college-level classes
• independent living

Opportunities for skill application in the surrounding communities through community service initiatives, internships, and paid part-time and full-time employment opportunities.  

Our clinical team of life coaches continues their collaboration with students’ outside providers and provides social-emotional support to students through 1:1 and group counseling. Life coaches incorporate essential emotional regulation and interpersonal skills in their work with students, as well as build upon skills essential to the transition to life after high school, including critical thinking and self-advocacy skills.


Skill-based training focused upon areas such as budgeting and financial independence, culinary skills, resume-writing, public speaking, interview skills, and leadership training in order to best support our students in their healthy and successful transition to adulthood.

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